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Legenda Support - Black Tulip and Dobro Wracam.

Dobro Wracam

Legenda Archaeology have delivered a long list of Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine with our friends and partners in the Non-Profit Dobro Wracam.

The next shipment will insure that 500 medical kits including Tourniquets and chest seals be assembled in Krakow and distributed immediately to those in need in Ukraine.

These kits will save lives.

We will continue to support the great work of Dobro Wracam in insuring they have items and new contacts for more Humanitarian Aid.

We will make another article on the Humanitarian Aid and the items and our supporters.

Black Tulip - Ukraine

The Black Tulip, which started over eight years ago. Are officially mandated to work with local authorities in the Ukraine to transport the left behind soldiers on the battlefield. Their mission now is to remove the bodies and bring to the local storage facilities in order for burial to take place.

Black Tulips work is essential, it is underfunded and they will get assistance from Legenda Archaeology when and where needed. We have insured the purchase of fuel for the team to operate effectively in their dangerous and important work.

As fellow diggers, it is clear the work of organisations in finding the missing, ensuring families are contacted when remains are found is absolutely essential.

Interestingly, Legenda Member Jonathan Baynard met with Black Tulip leader Yaroslav Zhilken over 5 years ago on the Seelow Heights, Germany. During a ceremony where representives from the Volksbund buried newly found soldiers from the fierce battles in the area in April 1945. At a time when such groups agreed to all work together.

It is clear that our groups have a common mission in general, to find those missing and ensure burial in a marked grave with dignity and respect.

Seen here: Black Tulip - Cargo 200 - Meaning dead soldier transport. (Ukraine April 2022)

Seen below, a BBC video report in English on the Black Tulips work in 2014.

Legendas work on ZDF and NTV Germany.

During the last weeks, members of Legenda have given interviews to various media outlets. We have highlighted the parallels we see already with the current conflict and World War Two. The first of a series of appearances in German Mainstream media are to be expected before the end of April 2022.


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