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Legenda Support: Ukraine Aid

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

It is with a heavy heart that we as Legenda understand that those wounded as we speak in Ukraine, arriving at a hospital (or field hospital) will or could die due to lack of Humanitarian Aid or safe organised passage of aid.

We will never learn to navigate the future, unless we can put our common sad histories away properly. Photo: Legenda Reburial

Legenda have previously found and buried thousands of soldiers, many of which were of German, Russian, Latvian and Ukrainian descent. From two World Wars that raged across Latvia. The human cost of war is understood by Legenda all too well.

Sadly, from the date this article was posted there has been no common understanding for the sick, wounded, elderly or those escaping carnage. A real effective Humanitarian Aid Corridor has not been agreed. All sides need to agree on how to tend to those in need, as well as establishing secure corridors for Humanitarian Aid.

Goodwill - the international community has tried to bring as much supplies of all sorts to Poland. There is a clear understanding that we have to help, but it has to be coordinated and effective. In order for distribution lines to be established into Ukraine and direct to those in need. Including Hospitals, Field Hospitals and those well enough trained on basic first aid.

In the chaos and fog of war the trail of devastation created can be felt far away from any frontline.

Logistical problems, drivers, vehicles, borders, laws, donations and supplies - all need to be organised. Chains of communication and accountability need to be established.

We have as a Team obtained lists and demands made by two lines of communication, connecting supply lines directly to distribution outlets in Poland and in Ukraine.

The team is leaving from Latvia, UK, Switzerland and the Netherlands to bring those items needed directly. And have made arrangements that we will be on the road from tomorrow. With at least four transports we will bring items donated and collected to our contacts.

We are driving, taking time off work, and paying for fuel and vehicle rent out of our own pockets. This is usually a crucial factor in order to act fast.

Help us in one of two ways:

  1. Collect Medical Items listed below - and contact us

  2. Donate

PayPal Donations:

Bank Transfers:

PostFinance Switzerland

Legenda Archaeology

IBAN: CH3409000000154672727


If you have any questions, concerns or how to get involved in our effort contact us:

Items Needed

Medical Supplies

Note: Please make sure the items are new and not expired.

● First aid kits (Small, Medium and Large) Sealed Only ● Medical Protection Masks/Clothing ● Gauze ● Bandages ● Haemostatic sponges ● Tourniquets ● Tourniquet «СAT» ● Individual sterile dressing package with elastic first aid compression component with protective moisture-resistant shell ● Gloves ● Thermo blanket ● Waterproof marker (blue) Medical Equipment Needed ● Defibrillator ● Patient Monitor ● Oxygen (All medical forms) ● Mobile X-Ray Machine ● Splints ● Crutches Other

● Any medical related equipment still packed or sealed ● Disinfectant / Hand Wash / Tissue Roll


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