Established in Riga, Latvia 1999

We are a non-profit organisation, built up from volunteers from around the world.  

Our goal is to find, recover and identify missing soldiers from the First and Second World Wars in Latvia. 

Legenda have found and identified thousands of formerly missing soldiers from all over Europe, the majority being mainly German, Latvian and from the former USSR. 

We aim to continue what was started over 20 years ago, and believe there is plenty more work to do. 

Our Mission

We walk the forests, fields and sandy dunes of Latvia in search for those still missing. 


Missing from both both World Wars, battles that rolled through Latvia, leaving behind it not only a trail of devastation but thousands of missing soldiers. 


We aim to give back their identity and not to leave them behind, forgotten by time. 

This search has not ended and since 1999 Legenda are responsible for finding around 15,000 missing. 


Our Vision

We want to find every missing soldier possible in Latvia. 


Reburial procedures are done with dignity and respect, we try our best to find any relatives that still hold the hope to bury their loved ones. 

We make every effort to find eye witnesses to share their memories on possible sites or locations for further Expeditions. 



If you have any questions, information and or want to help please do not hesitate to contact us: 



Registered Society -Latvia:

B002131. 5/9/2005

#5000 8071 431

Registered Society -Switzerland:

8049 Zürich

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