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We are interested in hearing how you can help us! 


We are always looking for the following to use on Expeditions: 


1. Detecting Devices

2. Vehicles - Off Road for Expeditions


​3. Equipment for Digging (Heavy/Light)

We are always in search for the following:

1. Memories and Reports on the missing

2. Wartime Photography and Maps of Latvia 

3. Lead Information about missing soldiers

We are always interested in hearing from Archaeologists, News Media and or Documentary making teams. 


If you can’t help us with any of the above, and you still want to help please reach out to us: 


What will we use your donation for? 


Legenda is 20 years old, the team are always working hard to get permissions with local authorities as well as following up with information tip offs from eyewitnesses.  Our biggest expenses are on fuel and digger rental. 

Every donation makes a difference and your support will be remembered.



Here are some ways you can help Legenda



Post Finance Switzerland

Legenda Archaeology

IBAN: CH3409000000154672727



Donate Now Via PayPal 





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