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103 Years Later: Identified

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Saturday the 9th of October: Legenda Team led by Talis Esmits were on WW1 Imperial Russian Army positions searching for the missing. The Legenda Team have made another remarkable discovery, thanks to Vladislavs Cistjakovs and his traditional methods using a spike and walking the forests, Vladislavs has found over 500 missing soldiers single handedly!

The number clearly visible, now the research has started in the Russian Archives. Photo: Regina-Locmele/Legenda

Found over 500 soldiers -Vladislavs Cistjakovs Photo: Regina-Locmele/Legenda

Last weekend a Medal from Bravery 4th Class was found on one Czarist Soldier from the First World War. It was carefully wrapped in a Saint Georges Ribbon and miraculously survived all these years. The medal has a number that will lead to a positive identification.

The Medal, still wrapped in the award ribbon. Photo: Regina-Locmele/Legenda

A total of eight soldiers were found, seven of which were left in a trench/hole in a hurry. The other soldier was a was found next to a horse in a shallow hole on a forest path. On close inspection the buttons found on the last soldier were member of an artillery unit.

This button a Czarist Soldiers button is an example of the sorts of items found on the missing soldiers. These small items are usually found with a pin pointer when looking for items to identify the soldiers. Photo: Regina-Locmele/Legenda

According to the number on the medal, we will now be able to establish the name of one of the soldiers of the Imperial Army, we will have to suffer a little bit and wait for data from the Russian archives. The process can take a while, but the results are usually very impressive.

And again we will look for his descendants, hopefully a miracle will happen!

Thanks to Regina-Locmele: Legenda Team member for the report.

The search will continue, and no doubt the volunteers of the Legenda Team will find many more of the missing left behind on these long forgotten battlefields.

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