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Sponsors and partners : 2020

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

The importance of sponsoring and the various ways it supports Legenda are vast!


The ways range from a comment on Facebook, to a purchase in our online shop. To more substantial costs and items like the equipment given to us from our sponsors - Codan Communication, Minelab and Tero Vido!

We as an organisation are thankful to have such sponsors that have supported us as soon as we got in contact with each of them! Right now we are testing three Equinox 800, sponsored by Minelab. With these new detectors we are able to upgrade the Legenda equipment, give team members the chance to use the newest detectors in the industry!

Based on our experience when using them, we agreed to give Minelab different feedback of every search from pictures and or reports to even live stream videos and new experience for all viewers. We believe in working together with our sponsors without being tied to advertising their products!

Only the best equipment is needed for Legenda - simply because of the Latvian working conditions in rain, snow and dust, in the forests and fields or in the swamps of this beautiful country. Beside the practical side of Legenda, seen on live streams or on pictures on our social media channels there is a part of work that has to be done permanent and that is searching archives for information related to Latvia and the days of the First and Second World War.


Research covers international archives, books, pictures ,maps and documents of all kinds of languages from Latvian, English, German and Russian!

Reading the documents and battle diaries in combination with pictures of areas or places - Legenda builds a bridge between the past and present.

This is one of the educational sides of the search for the missing ,that at every location the members present know the units that have fought on that location as well as specific information, like buildings structures, trenches and more.

Keep your support up and if you want to learn more about our equipment, sponsors or if you have a story for us, a picture or map than we would be happy to receive your message!

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