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Legenda takes to the skies: Drone + Scanner!

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Legenda are in trials with partner Tero Vido in order to test and develop a new faster system in order to locate soldiers still missing.

For the first time Legenda have tried a metal detector that has been attached to a drone, and has given very promising results. First, we would like to show the Scanner in question and the types of results its giving us.

New methods deployed, seen here the drone with scanner. Picture: Legenda 2020

This scan was made on the hills near "Kraslava" on the 20th of September. It will be used in this article to describe the technique, as well as giving a real impression and view into the ground of the scanned area.

The scan covered a terrain section of 4x4 meters with a depth of 9 meters on a slight hill under ideal conditions. This scan was a test scan, for this article and to gather some first impressions in order to get an understanding of the soil.

Relevant colors:

Orange-Red (metals/anomalies)

Light blue - dark blue (water cavities)


Lane 1 and 2 - 1.3 meters to 2.7 meters light orange tones (anomalies like stones)

Lane 3 - Dark blue area (hole in the ground which I dug before) 2.7 - 4 meters 2 light blue hills (these were remains of cables)

Lane 4 (metal parts, magnetic)

Lane 4 , 2.7-4 meters lightly orange (stones)

The luxury to examine every terrain in detail after a scan (like in archeological projects) does not exist and therefore priorities have to be set, the many years of experience that the team has means they need results on the day onsite. Good interpretations are important and testing will continue in the hope to get better results.

The scanner is developed by Tero Vido, and the drone is a private purchase that is able to carry the payload.

We hope that during this early stage we can tweak the software in order to have it at a point we can fly this over the open field and hopefully cover much more ground faster, as well as seeing deeper than conventional metal detectors. We are feeling hopeful that we will get the desired results, and look forward to working further with our partners on this project.

The scanner will also be used in the next weeks mounted on a drone to detect larger areas and at the same time to implement a kind of mapping that Legenda will be able to operate in all weathers.

Finally, please do not compare the scan(s) we do with scanner/radars out of archaeological documentaries because we don't have the luxury that most archeological projects have. Besides that we needed an all weather, robust, easy to use and affordable equipment.

More about the scanner and other solutions at


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