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Legenda White Paper : 2021

By Talis Esmits - Legenda Team Leader

Ladies and Gentleman

The year 2021 is over!

It will be remembered in our history as a very "jerky" year when it comes to making any type of plans.

This year we managed to realise about 30% of the planned works.

It is very difficult to work when we can only make short term plans, because it is never possible to predict in which country what will be banned or allowed in these troubling times.

As a result, we carried out one big expedition, in which our friends from many European countries could take part. Membership from the United States was not possible due to the pandemic restrictions.


Here are our figures for 2021

  1. Latvian War of Independence - found and exhumed 1 soldier, a Knight of Order of Lāčplēsis

  2. WW1 – found and exhumed 127 Imperial Russian army. Not completed due to pandemic restrictions.

  3. WW2 – (part of 2020) and 2021 combined we have found an exhumed 264 German Army soldiers

  4. WW2 – found and exhumed 478 Red Army soldiers

That gives us a total of: 870 recovered



1. Legenda have handed over 100s of unexploded explosive ordnance ( including larger than 45mm in diameter) to the Latvian Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team (EOD).

2. Legenda are continuing to work closely together with other Latvian organisations and authorities including the Police, Army, the Committee of Brother Graves in Latvia, Museums and historians.

3. Legenda continue to hand over any items considered to be historical artefacts to accredited museums in Latvia.


I have to apologise for a slow year, but due to COVID-19 restrictions we have to make adjustments to our plans and usually it means delaying them, but still we plan to carry on once some of the restrictions will be lifted.Working from home does not help us either.

I wish to all of our friends, supporters and teachers best of luck and that all of your dreams and hopes come true in 2022!

Hope to see you all in 2022!


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